Josie “Jo Bear” ~ 1989-July 22, 2003

Writing about the passing of my best friend of 14 years makes me realize how blessed I was to have known this special dog. It was love at first sight and a bond was formed the first day we met. Her sweet nature and unwavering loyalty to me were what I treasured the most. She was always ready to follow me wherever I went, waiting patiently until I was finished. Over the years we shared the good times and the bad and she always seemed to know when I needed a nudge of her nose for a petting to take my mind off of my troubles. The years flew by and she started slowing down and having some problems. When I took her to the vet she was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. It had taken a toll on her and I had to make the decision that I had always dreaded. I made arrangements to have the vet put her to sleep at home under her favorite tree. Our last few days together were bittersweet. I cried as I held her and told her how much I loved her and how much I would miss her. The last hour before the vet came she lay under her tree and looked around like she was trying to take everything in so she could remember it forever. She went to sleep very peacefully and although I knew it was the best decision for her, my heart was breaking. We buried her on her dog bed and I put a copy of “The Rainbow Bridge” on top of her so she would know where we will meet the next time. Thank you my friend for being a part of my life and always being there for me. Sleep well, my beautiful, sweet “Jo-Bear” and remember that you will be in my heart forever and I will never forget you.

Diane Chapman, 2007

Last Updated June 14, 2010